Test Taking Strategies

You will be required to write tests throughout your degree. And midterms and final exams. This section addresses various strategies that will improve your performance on these tests, from what to do when you begin, to multiple choice, to writing essay questions, and what you should do when you finish.

Putting Tests Into Perspective

We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we write tests. But really, this mark is indicative of one thing. A mark you received on a test one time.

Marks are not a measure of intelligence or self-worth. They don't gauge everything you learned over a semester, or other assignments you did well on, or other personal successes.

If you did badly on a test, then you did badly on a test. That's all. It doesn't mean you're a bad student. It doesn't mean you aren鈥檛 smart enough to attend university. It means something didn鈥檛 work and you will learn from that failure.

It's easier to do well on tests and exams if you feel less pressure. We don't work well or give peak performance when we're stressed and panicky. The information below will help you prepare for every step of test writing.