Studying and Memory

When you study, you make memories. When you make memories, you learn. It is a process that takes place over time (no last minute cramming now). Your goal is to learn the material deeply (long-term memory) and create well used pathways in your brain for you to easily access that information during a test or exam.

Your Brain

Your memory is not a storage closet. It's a process.

On a conscious level, memories are pictures you see in your mind and the feelings you get from them. On a biological level, they are your neurons lighting up like sparks from a fire as they deliver messages to each other. When a series of cells are connected several times in a similar manner a memory is created.

That memory could be a psychological theory. The definition of authoritarianism. The causes of WW1. Just the sort of things you might study.


You are generally able to recall about 50% of new material you learn. In 24 hours, it goes down to 20%. 

The key is to review and repeat. Look at the information below for tips and tricks on how to learn and remember what you learned.




Recognition and Recall

Improving Concentration

Mnemonic Devices

Memory Techniques