Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office manages the University student registration and record-keeping program, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all academic records. The office currently provides a one-stop service to students for most academic activities within the administrative or non-teaching context.

Areas of Responsibility of the Registrar's Office (some areas are shared with other departments)

  • Maintenance of student information system for registered students (course registration, final grades, academic standing, and academic credentials)
  • Assessment of student standing (e.g. academic probation, Dean's list), in-course awards, renewal of entrance awards, transfer credits,
  • Degree audit for graduation
  • Space and timetable control for courses and examinations
  • Course evaluation program
  • Data collection and reports
  • Secretarial support of senate
  • General academic advising  

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is here to support you through your academic career—whether you need help choosing courses or you’re looking for advice on post-degree programs.

Academic Calendar Image

Academic Calendar

This is an important resource that has the answers to any question you might have about your degree. Be sure to reference the calendar from the year you began your studies at 麻豆女神!