Inform yourself by watching an informational video. All videos listed below are free. 


offer practical tips on managing mood, sleeping better, building confidence, increasing activity, problem solving, and healthy living. It includes 10 videos: (1) Introduction, (2) Chapter 1 – Starting Out, (3) Chapter 2 – Problem Solving, (4) Chapter 3 – Building Activities, (5) Chapter 4 – Balanced Thinking, (6) Chapter 5 – Dealing with Unhelpful Behavior, (7) Chapter 6 – Sleeping Better, (8) Chapter 7 – Healthy Living, (9) Chapter 8 – Being Assertive, and (10) Chapter 9 – Where to go from Here. You can watch the videos in any order; the shortest video is 3 minutes and 22 seconds and the longest is 12 minutes and 20 seconds. You will need to input your email address and the access code bbtodaynb


is a Ted-talk presented by Lauren Weinstein on how to break free from limiting personal beliefs. The video offers informative insight on changing your beliefs and creating healthier thinking patterns. The video is 21 minutes and 55 seconds long.  


is a Ted-talk presented by Olivia Remes on ways to treat and manage symptoms of anxiety. Focusing on the importance of building strength and modifying problem-coping mechanisms, the video offers meaningful insight to how someone can improve their anxiety. The video is 15 minutes long.  


is a series provided by consisting of 10 informative videos on mental health. The videos range from: Men’s Mental Health, Image Ideal - The Intersection of Weight, Race, Gender, Class and Culture, Body Image & Eating Disorders, Addictions, and other personal stories on struggles of mental health. The shortest video is 4 minutes and 6 seconds and the longest is 1 hour and 44 minutes.  


is an informative video on how to re-shape how you talk to yourself using healthy behaviours and practices. Positive self-talk is a healthy way to cope with anxiety. The video is 3 minutes and 46 seconds long.  


 is an illustrated Ted-talk providing information on panic attacks and suggestions to prevent them from happening. The video goes into the science of what triggers panic attacks, how to recognize them, and the available treatments for panic disorder. The video is 5 minutes and 22 seconds long.