Care with Others

Mental Health Care with Others are resources and services that you engage in with other people. 


We all have an inherent need for connection, which is why there are benefits to seeking mental health care with others that you don’t receive when practicing self-care or seeking one-on-one care with a professional. 


Care with others is available for different comfort levels. Care with others may involve attending a workshop or training, taking in the information, and not talking or it may involve attending a group and sharing openly with other group members.  


Care with others can alleviate feelings of loneliness because you are connecting with people of similar lived experiences. It is often more impactful to connect with someone who has similar struggles to you than it is to read about those struggles or have a professional tell you you’re not the only person with those struggles.


Care with others allows you to both receive help and help others. You will likely learn from and be inspired by others, and they will learn from and be inspired by you. Helping others feels good.


Care with others also provides more perspectives. Sometimes our struggles are confusing because they are so close to us, but by listening to others’ share, we have realizations about our own struggles. 

Mental Health Care with Others 

Connect to peer support 

Peer support is provided by a peer and may be mental health focused or general support. 


Attend a workshop or training (facilitated by a professional) 

Workshops and trainings are facilitated by professionals on various topics related to mental health. 


Attend a group or program (facilitated by a professional) 

Groups and programs are facilitated by professionals and include support, psychoeducation, and skill-building.