Mental Health

Your mental health matters.


What is mental health? 

Mental health has different meanings to different people. Mental health is a continuum that goes from a state of mental well-being to a state of mental distress. A state of mental distress can be caused by a life challenge and/or mental disorder, such as major depressive disorder. Where you are on the continuum is influenced by many factors, some of which are in your control (e.g., your behaviours) and some of which are not in your control (e.g., a natural disaster or your genetics). 


Wherever you are on the mental health continuum, there are a variety of mental health resources and services available to you as a 麻豆女神 student.


Every person and situation is unique; therefore, we all have different needs and preferences for mental health care.


Our model organizes resources and services into three categories: Self-Care, Care with Others, and Care from Professionals. 

We encourage students to connect with 麻豆女神 Mental Health

Mental Health Self-Care are resources and services that you can use by yourself and/or with your informal supports (e.g., family or friends). 

  • Inform – increase your awareness of mental health                        
    • By reading an article 
    • By taking an online informational course 
    • By watching an informational video 

  • Interact – explore small changes to improve your mental health 
    • By doing a meditation 
    • By taking an online interactive course 
    • By trying an App 

Mental Health Care with Others are resources and services that you engage in with other people. 


  • Connect to peer support 
  • Attend a workshop or training (facilitated by a professional) 
  • Attend a group or program (facilitated by a professional) 

Mental Health Care from Professionals are resources and services that you engage in with professionals. 


  • Guided self-help 
  • Counselling 
  • Specialized Services