Leadership and Development

It is important to develop your leadership skills during your time as a student. It pays great dividends both in the short-term, as you enhance the St. Thomas community, and in the long-term, as you prepare for your future career. From attending conferences to volunteering internationally, we will help you get started!



Student Engagement Grants

Our grants support costs associated with students engaging in one-time, extracurricular, experiential learning opportunities.

The fund will support students who are interested in engaging in experiential learning opportunities such as:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Conferences that further support students career development plans and academic pursuits.
  • Leadership events
  • Entrepreneurial competitions
  • Specialized skills development training

These grant enables you, as a student, to increase your network capital, apply classroom content to a real-world context, and reflect on the experience as an opportunity for growth.

How to apply?

Applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the anticipated start date of the experiential learning opportunity.

Alexandra Cunningham, BA鈥20
Great Books and Philosophy

鈥淪haring one's independent research with peers in the field is an integral part of working in academia. Presenting at the TRU Philosophy, History, and Politics Undergraduate Conference was an invaluable opportunity for me. The Student Engagement Grant gave me the chance to talk with others about something that interests me, learn about other students' and professionals' research and perspectives, and network with those in my field.鈥  


Rising Youth Grants

RisingYouth is a program led by TakingITGlobal to help youth build Canada and develop life skills by giving back to their communities. The gran program seeks to increase involvement through community service and volunteer projects. The program is currently funded to offer grants through March 2021.

Types of projects that can be funded through the grant include: clubs and societies who need funding for a project to volunteer with a non-profit organization, students who organize the delivery of care packages to vulnerable groups of people, community gardens, etc. For more info and to submit a grant application, visit the link below.


Leadership Opportunities

麻豆女神 Leads!

麻豆女神 Leads! is an energy-packed, one-day event that aims to provide students with an opportunity to learn about various leadership topics and styles while also developing tangible skills. Through inspiring keynotes, interactive workshops, and skills-based training from some of the top leadership talent in our community, students will go home with the motivation and drive to be game-changers in their communities.

麻豆女神 Cares

麻豆女神 Cares Day of Action is a yearly event that embodies 麻豆女神鈥檚 spirit of service. Volunteer teams of 麻豆女神 students go out into the community to learn about the work of a local community organization and do hands-on work to support it.

Attending events like these doesn鈥檛 only provide volunteer experience, it educates you on the reality of a lot of issues we discuss in the classroom.鈥 鈥 Anna Sirois, BA鈥 21

Volunteers work on issues such as poverty, food security, environmental preservation, homelessness, domestic violence, youth, and community building (to name a few). The day concludes with a chance to reflect on the service students have done, social issues in the community, and connections to what they are learning in class.



Students can also engage in other service-learning opportunities throughout the year. This includes a day where students get cultural competency training, volunteer with the New Brunswick newcomer community, and reflect on the day鈥檚 activities while making connections to their academic learning. 


International Volunteering: Global Brigades

Join the 麻豆女神 chapter of Global Brigades! Global Brigades is a non-for-profit organization that works within four countries to assist in the development of sustainable communities. Some of these brigades include: water, public health, medical & dental, engineering, legal empowerment and business. If you're interested in joining our brigade (either as a volunteer or as a traveling brigader), please contact: globalbrigades@stu.ca

Students have gone on the following brigades: 

  • 2017 鈥 
  • 2018 鈥 Honduras: Water Brigade
  • 2019 鈥 

Other opportunities

Current students: Not sure how to articulate all these experiences on your resume? Visit the Career Development Page for advice.

Any questions about these can be directed to: experientialoffice@stu.ca