St. Thomas University's scholarship program is one of the reasons it is able to maintain a community of exceptional scholars and dynamic leaders. Here are four ways our scholarships work for you:

Entrance Scholarships (Academic Excellence)

Our entrance scholarships reward first-year students who demonstrate academic  excellence. If you are an applicant with a minimum admission average of 80 per cent (or equivalent), you may qualify for an entrance scholarship. 

Entrance scholarships range in value between $500 and $5,000 and are renewable in second, third, and fourth year if the student maintains a grade point average of 3.7. 


Major Awards - Academic Excellence

Our major scholarships are our largest awards, honouring the best academic minds among incoming students. Applicants with a minimum admissions average of 80 per cent (or equivalent for international applicants) should complete and submit a scholarship applicationin order to be considered for major awards. Renewable scholarship recipients are selected based on academics:

  • admission average
  • Grade 12 courses and level of difficulty
  • rank in graduating class
  • Grade 11 record

Other selection criteria include letters of academic reference, scores on standardized tests (optional) and, for some awards, leadership qualities, extracurricular activities, and financial need.

Student Leaders Scholarships - Leadership

A university needs leaders to thrive. That's why our Student Leader Scholarships are designed to attract high-impact student leaders who are a perfect fit for our vibrant community. These scholarships are valued at $2,000 annually and are renewable for three years to a total of $8,000. Applicants with a minimum admission average of 80 per cent (or the equivalent for international applicants) should complete and submit a scholarship application form in order to be considered. The selection criteria includes a combination of the following.

  • leadership through extracurricular activities
  • volunteerism
  • demonstrated commitment to the benefit of others
  • minimum admission average of 80 per cent

Entrance Bursaries 

St. Thomas University offers bursaries to students in financial need entering university for the first time. Funded by donations from faculty, staff, and friends of St. Thomas University, bursaries are valued between $500 and $3,000. Bursary candidates should submit a completed bursary application form with supplementary documents through their applicant portal. 

Selection Criteria

Our entrance award program is competitive and open to students with high academic standing. Canadian and international candidates admitted on the basis of their high school records to the first year of full-time study on the St. Thomas campus are eligible to apply for entrance awards. Normally, applicants with previous university experience are ineligible for entrance scholarships.

In selecting entrance scholarship recipients, academic record is the primary criteria. The selection committee considers admission average, Grade 12 program (courses and level of difficulty) and rank in graduating class as well as program and performance in Grade 11. Other factors considered include letters of academic reference and scores on standardized tests including provincial achievement examinations, SATs, etc. In addition to the academic selection criteria, leadership qualities, extracurricular activities and financial need are considered in awarding some scholarships.

Application Procedure

Scholarship candidates should submit a completed scholarship application form with supplementary documents. Once you have , you will have the option to complete an application for scholarships through your online applicant portal.  In your application for scholarships, you will be asked to follow the steps below and upload the following supplementary documents:


Complete a Scholarship Application Form after receiving an offer of admission from St. Thomas.


Step 2 - LETTER

Upload a typed letter (one to two pages) in which you explain what makes you a strong candidate for a major scholarship. Following are suggestions of areas you may wish to address in your letter:

• your reasons for pursuing university studies and plans for the future
• your reasons for applying to St. Thomas University
• activities demonstrating your leadership qualities
• extracurricular, community, and volunteer activities
• hobbies and outside interests
• any special projects or programs in which you have been involved
• demonstrated interest in social justice issues
• financial need
• any other area you feel is relevant to this application

Step 3 - RÉSUMÉ

Upload a résumé outlining your activities since beginning high school, including any jobs you have held, honours or awards, etc.


Upload a letter of reference from a teacher, guidance counsellor, or principal describing why you are a strong scholarship candidate. Reference letters can be uploaded, or sent directly to the Admissions Office. The referee may wish to identify your skills, attitude, and growth, as well as your contributions to and performance within your school, and may also comment on the criteria listed above.

The letter of reference should comment on scholastic, co-curricular, and extracurricular accomplishments. On the scholarship application form, candidates must also provide information about rank in graduating class (if applicable), academic honours, other awards and accomplishments, extracurricular and community activities. To be considered for awards with other special selection criteria, candidates should also address qualifications for these awards on the scholarship application form. For example, financial need is a criterion for some major awards. Candidates for these awards should provide details on their financial status as indicated on the scholarship application form.

Scholarship documents can be uploaded directly onto students’ scholarship applications, although any additional materials can be sent to the Admissions Office via mail, fax, or email.

51 Dineen Drive Fredericton, NB Canada E3B 5G3
Fax: 1 506 452 0617 Email: 

The application deadline for renewable scholarships is March 1.

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