Program Information

Discover the Spirit of Education

Great teachers change lives. They lead and mentor, challenge and inspire. Teachers have a lasting impact on their students, which might be why you鈥檙e considering a career in education.

Working in education鈥攚hether it be in the classroom or in another capacity鈥攊s a rewarding field. Your life will be rich with moments when you are able to see the difference you make in the lives of others.

The need for compassionate, well-educated teachers is one that extends around the world. Children, adolescents, and adults from every corner of the globe depend on well-prepared educators who are dedicated to providing enjoyable and effective learning experiences.

Professional Courses and Extensive Classroom Experience             

Our School of Education encourages cross-disciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, while emphasizing inclusionary teaching approaches.

The program is a 60 credit-hour program delivered in 11 months, and offers the same course work and certification as a two-year program. It builds on previous undergraduate degrees in the liberal arts, science, commerce, or other comparable programs, as students are expected to have sufficient background in a subject area to effectively teach content. 

As teacher candidates you will concentrate either in elementary (K-5), middle-secondary (6-12), or French second language teaching through co-operative learning and teamwork. Our teacher candidates learn practical teaching techniques through on campus coursework and practicum placements.

A high level of interaction with peers, and challenging demands on time, energy, and ability, simulate the work expected of public school teachers. Students quickly develop very close relationships with their own instructors as professors take an active interest in the professional development of students.