Bachelor of Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work program emphasizes the importance of understanding the structural roots of social problems in Canadian society.  Therefore, social work is a political activity aimed at initiating social change at all levels of society to promote equality and inclusion. Social problems such as poverty and homelessness, gendered violence, racial discrimination, and climate change are viewed as being rooted in structural inequalities. These inequalities lead to economic, political, social and cultural disparities for whole populations of people.

Through the four-year degree program鈥攖he only accredited English language program in New Brunswick鈥攕tudents will develop the ability to challenge structural injustices, learn critical theories to frame best practices, and understand how different forms of power, oppression and privilege operate in the world. The program is structured to deliver both the theoretical and practical aspects of social work. Through two years of liberal arts courses, followed by two years of social work courses and field placements, students gain both classroom and direct experience in transformative social work practice.

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About the BSW Program

Challenge social injustices by understanding the structural roots of problems in society. The BSW is structured to deliver both theoretical and practical aspects.

Graduate from the MMBSW program

Mi'kmaq/Maliseet Program

This accredited program provides First Nation individuals with an opportunity to receive social work education within a flexible and culturally relevant framework.