Bachelor of Arts

Our liberal arts approach to the Bachelor of Arts will provide you with exposure to a wide range of academic fields. The opportunity to tailor your degree to your interests—those you had before and those you discover along the way—will allow you to diversify your knowledge, experience, and perspective. 

Personalize Your Degree Based on Your Interests

Major: Your degree will start to take shape once you declare your major at the end of your second year. Your major is the area you will focus on and the subject in which you will take the greatest number of courses. It is possible to major in more than one subject!


Minor: If you have a secondary area of interest, you may consider a minor in the subject. A minor consists of several courses in a specific area, but not as many as a major.


Honours: If you’re particularly interested in a field of study and are considering graduate school following your Bachelor of Arts, you may want to consider applying to an honours program in your upper years. Completing an honours programs demands a greater number of courses in a subject—including advanced-level courses—and often a thesis is required.

Additional Course Options

As part of your Bachelor of Arts, you may complete a minor in an interdisciplinary minor in business. Courses are also offered in Italian, Japanese, Latin, Maliseet, Mathematics, and Social Work.

Interdisciplinary Minors

Interdisciplinary minors are earned by taking suggested courses from various disciplines around a common theme.