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AQGB-EN1006. Aquinas - Introduction to Literature

In this course we study some of history's most influential writers. We read literature from a wide range of genres, periods, and national origins, including classical epics, medieval romances, Renaissance plays, and modern novels. Students develop their powers of literary analysis and interpretation, as well as their writing abilities. As a discussion-based class, we consider together how writers use imaginative literature to investigate and explore issues of perennial human concern, such as mortality, love, honour, truth, and beauty.

AQGB-PH1006. Intro to Philosophy

How do we know if something is true? How do we know that something is real? What is the best life for a human being? The study of philosophy is how thoughtful people have explored these questions for millennia. In this course, we examine some of the most influential philosophers in history. We study different philosophical approaches, schools of thought, literary modes of philosophy, and how they relate to one another. Through discussion-based classes students also develop their capacities for reasoning and argumentation orally and in writing.

AQGB-PO1006. Intro to Political Science

In this course students study great works in the history of political thought to explore key questions at the centre of political life. What is justice? What gives a law its legitimacy? What kind of political system is best? We learn how political theorists have affected our political institutions, and how to analyze those institutions using the history of political thought. Through reading, writing, and class discussions, students develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts and essential problems with which politics is concerned.

AQGH-EN1006. Intro to Literature

An introduction to the range and variety of literature in English, to the practice of critical reading, and to writing about ideas and texts in conventional academic language and forms. The course concentrates on the central genres of literature.

AQGH-HR1006. Intro to Human Rights

This course will introduce students to the study of human rights by investigating the question what is a human right? The course will proceed primarily through a number of examples and case studies. Students will also be given an overview of the basic instruments, institutions, and ideas relevant to human rights.

AQGH-PO1006. Intro to Political Science

Through the study of a small number of core texts, it provides an introduction to some of the key questions at the centre of political life. The course provides students with a solid foundation in the history of political thought. It also concentrates on the development of the skills in logical analysis, writing, and political argument necessary for upper-level courses in the discipline.