Bachelor of Education

Application Deadline: January 15

Admission is competitive and enrollment is limited. Minimum academic requirements are often far exceeded by most of the applicants and a strong academic record by itself is not enough to ensure acceptance. Applicants are advised to review the admissions requirements and experience profile recommendations well in advance of the deadline. Evidence of professional suitability, substantiated by letters of reference, is considered on an equal basis with your academic record. Most students who are admitted to the program have considerable experience in leadership roles working with young people.

Prior to applying, please carefully review the Admission Requirements for the Bachelor of Education, as well as the Guidelines for Letter of Intent and Résumé, Guidelines for Referees, and Experience Profile sections of the website. 

Program Streams                                                         

Candidates will be considered for entrance in one of the following Program Streams:

Elementary (Kindergarten-Grade 5)
Middle/Secondary (Grades 6-12)
Elementary French Second Language (FSL) (Kindergarten-Grade 5) Core/Immersion
Middle/Secondary French Second Language (FSL) (Grades 6-12) Core/Immersion

Applicants are advised to select the stream that best corresponds with their teaching aspiration and experience profile. On the online application form, candidates will be asked to rank their choices in order of preference.

Applicants for the French Second Language streams will be asked for a recent proficiency level. Teacher candidates are required to have a minimum proficiency of Intermediate Plus on the New Brunswick French Oral Proficiency scale to register for courses offered in the French Stream. A level of Advanced is required to do a practicum in a Core French/Intensive French classroom and a level of Advanced Plus is required to do a practicum in a French Immersion or French setting. If you do not know your proficiency level, but would like to schedule a proficiency test, contact the School of Education. 

Experience Profile

The Selection Committee reviews each application for evidence of professional suitability and academic preparation. Academic records, letters of intent, reference letters, and resumes will be reviewed for evidence of academic strength, content-area knowledge, teaching-related experience, and qualities likely to contribute to teaching success.

Many candidates are highly qualified from a wide variety of life experiences and academic backgrounds. To strengthen your application, you may consider increasing the number of teachable subjects you are prepared to teach, improving your cumulative grade point average, or gaining experience volunteering or working with young people in the age range you hope to teach. You should also select your referees judiciously, and strong applications include detailed observations of applicants’ professional suitability. 

Admission Requirements for the Bachelor of Education

To be considered for admission to the program, you must satisfy three minimum academic requirements:

Minimum Requirements

  1. A four-year (minimum 120 credit hours) bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or be a candidate for the degree in May.

  2. Evidence of above-average ability. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.7 or a minimum of 2.7 on your most recent 60 credit hours attempted is required.

  3. Eligibility for Level 5 teacher certification with the New Brunswick Department of Education through undergraduate coursework in teachable majors and minors. Applicants must have (a) 30 credit hours as a major in one teachable subject area, or (b) 24 credit hours in one major teachable subject area and 18 credit hours in another teachable subject area. See Required Teachables.

    Applicants who do not satisfy these minimum requirements are not considered further in the selection process.

    Additional Requirements

  4. Letter of Intent 
  5. Three (3) References
  6. Current Resume

Application Process

Applications are accepted online via the .

It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure the application is complete and submitted by the deadline of January 15.

The following are required for applications to be complete:

  • Online application for admission form
  • Letter of Intent
  • Current Resume
  • Preferred program stream
  • Three (3) Bachelor of Education references. Please carefully read the advice for Selecting and Contacting Referees and refer your referees to the Guidelines for Referees section
  • Official transcripts of marks from all post-secondary institutions you have attended.
  • A non-refundable application fee of $55 ($40 for applicants from New Brunswick) to be paid when you submit an application

Transcript Information: Official transcript(s) from any university you have attended or are currently attending should be sent to the Admissions Office. If you have a 麻豆女神 transcript, you will not need to submit it, as our Admissions Office has access to it. If you are currently enrolled in university, please ensure that a transcript of your mid-year grades reaches the Admissions Office by January 15 and that you make arrangements to have your final transcript of marks forwarded after graduation.

International applicants:  a WES evaluation of your previous university-level studies completed outside of Canada.  Applicants to the Bachelor of Education program whose primary language is not English must submit an official English language proficiency score For minimum score requirements for this program, please contact the Admissions Office at


Selection of Candidates

Candidates who complete all admissions requirements by the deadline (January 15) will have their applications sent to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee carefully considers each candidate’s experience profile, including academic preparation, letter of intent, and references before making their decisions. In some cases, candidates may be contacted for an interview.                  

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting an application and all required supporting documents is January 15. 

For further information, please contact the Admissions Office at (506) 452-0532 or email