Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about our Student Accessibility Services.


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Getting Started


1. Am I eligible for accommodation with Student Accessibility Services (SAS)?

If you are unsure whether you qualify for accommodation, please book an appointment with our office to discuss your needs. To qualify, you will need to provide documentation of a disability from a licensed health or mental health professional.

2. How do I register with Student Accessibility Services?

You may e-mail our office at or drop by our office at George Martin Hall, Room 104 to fill out an intake form.


3. How soon in the semester should I register with Student Accessibility Services?

If you are not registered with SAS, please register as soon as you can in the semester. If you are planning to attend 麻豆女神 in September, please contact us well before your arrival.

Once you have registered with SAS, we will work with you to develop an Accommodation Plan and you will have final approval of the plan.

Once an Accommodation Plan is approved, you will be expected to communicate with our office at the beginning of each semester to determine which professors need to be informed of your plan.


4. How can I book an appointment?

The best way to speak with someone at SAS is to book an appointment with us. We offer in-person, secure video chat, or phone call meetings. To book a meeting:

a. Scan the QR code on our door at George Martin Hall, Room 104.


b. Any e-mail correspondence with SAS ( will have a green 鈥楤ook an Appointment鈥 button on the e-mail signature.


c. Visit /accessibility/, scroll down, and click 鈥楤ook an Appointment鈥 and choose a time.


5. Do I have to disclose my diagnosis(es) to my professor, peers, and/or parents?

No. All information provided to SAS remains confidential. Your professors will be made aware of your accommodation plan, but at no time will any student be required to disclose their diagnosis(es) to anyone outside of SAS office.

6. Can my parents/guardians make changes to my accommodation plan for me?

Your parents/guardians are unable to make changes to your plan unless you have provided SAS with written permission for our office to discuss your accommodation plan with them. The student will always have final approval of an accommodation plan and who it is shared with.

7. What are the hours of the SAS office?

Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM.

8. Where is the SAS office located?

Our office is located at Room 104, George Martin Hall.

Ongoing Support

1. How do I ensure my accommodation is in place for my tests, exams, or final assignments?


Make sure you register with our office as early in the semester as possible. When you register with us, you will be asked to fill out an Exam Request Form which provides us with a list of any tests or exams in the semester.


Each semester you will fill out a new Exam Request Form:

a. To inform SAS of any upcoming tests and exams where you require your accommodation
b. To ensure we have booked a spot for you to write with us
c. To ensure your professors are reminded beforehand of any accommodation you may require

We will never assume you need accommodation for all courses or during every semester at 麻豆女神. Therefore, it is important to communicate with SAS your needs each semester, as they may change throughout your academic journey.

2. How do I request an extension?

If your Accommodation Plan outlines a need for extensions, simply reach out to your professor via email and explain that you are requesting an extension for an assignment and clearly outline the date you plan to submit it by.

3. I am afraid to speak with my professor, what do I do?

We encourage students to be involved in the accommodation process as much as possible. If you require support to craft an email or to speak with a professor, please book an appointment with us and we can help to find the best way to support communication between you and your professor(s).

4. Can I make changes to my accommodation plan after it's been completed?

Yes. If you need to adjust your accommodation plan, book an appointment with our office and we will go over options to best fit your needs.

5. I鈥檓 struggling to organize my courses and due dates, can SAS help?

Absolutely. If you notice yourself becoming overwhelmed with deadlines or know that this is your tendency, you may benefit from regular check-ins with our office to track progress on your courses and manage due dates.

Note-Taker Services

1. If I had a note-taker last semester, would I automatically get one this semester?

No. We aim to provide all our students with the best resources possible, however, we are only able to provide as many note-takers as we have available. If there are no note-takers for a specific course, we will try our best to accommodate and find one.

2. I have been assigned a note-taker, when will my notes be uploaded Moodle?

Please allow at least 24-48 hours for notes to be uploaded for your access.

3. When do I get paid for taking notes?

At the end of the semester. You will receive an email to pick up your cheque or, if you are enrolled in direct deposit with 麻豆女神, the money will be deposited to your account.